Acoustic Enclosure

We offer Acoustic enclosure is designed for quick assembly and dismantling for meeting critical requirements of high noise attenuation from noise Generating machine. Our acoustic enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.  The outdoor application we will provide the suitable rain proof arrangement on the roof.

Technical specification of Acoustic Enclosure


  • The Enclosure is in modular/welded in construction
  • The Enclosure is fabricated out of and 16/18 gauge thick cold rolled cold annealed (CRCA) sheet or GI sheet.
  • Base Frame is made of ISMC/CRCA of suitable section sheet metal.
  • Durable industrial locking system is provided on doors.
  • Doors and panels are fitted with high quality EDPN Gasket.

Acoustic Insulation

  • Sound proofing of the enclosure done with high quality ROCK WOOL
  • Rock wool is fire resistive covered with perforated sheet and Protective scrim cloth.
  • And the further outside secured with cover sheet.

We have developed acoustic enclosures for all types of industries including steel, power generation, manufacturing, mining, chemical and cement plants.


Our acoustic enclosures performance to meet CPCB norms, ISO 14001& OSHA standards.

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